The Faction

Event has passed (Sat May 10, 2014 - Sat Sep 6, 2014)
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San Jose-based band The Faction weren't just one of the first skate-punk bands to emerge in the early '80s. They count Steve Caballero, one the biggest pro skaters of all time, as a member. Steve Caballero. The band toured the states a couple times during their initial run--from 1982-85--to the delight of skaters everywhere. Their tune "Skate and Destroy" is a rebellious skate-rock anthem, and the rest of their hardcore-tinged (often skate-themed) punk tunes struck a chord with the growing skateboarding culture. They've had a handful of reunions over the years and this is their second San Jose show in 2014. But before this year, The Faction hadn't played a show for more than a decade. (Aaron Carnes)


The Blank Club
44 S Almaden Avenue
San Jose, CA
Event has passed



  1. The Blank Club
    44 S Almaden Avenue, San Jose, CA