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Valley Microbrewers & Craft Beer Pubs

Silicon Valley is home to plenty of great microbreweries and craft beer pubs. Read More

Taplands Has a Passion for Suds

“Like a coffee shop, but with beer.” Read More. 

The Place Is a Good Place to Be

It’s a neighborhood bar that hasn’t changed because it doesn’t have to, and it shouldn’t. Read More.

The Secrets of Jack Rose Libation House

Introducing a world-class cocktail bar: with casual ambience, and excellent food. Read More.

Renegades: Down by the River

An hour of $2 shots is the F1 class of drinking, so make sure you’re skillset has been honed. Read More. 

Silicon Valley Bars with Free Wi-Fi

Bars around the South Bay where you’ll never have to sweat your connection. Read More

A Truly Happy Hour at Sherwood Inn

The happy hour made it hard to discern between dream and reality. Read More. 

Super Valley: We Craft Our Cocktails

Downtown San Jose has the craft cocktail scene on lock. Read More

Bars near VTA Lightrial Stops

A guide of great bars conveniently located near VTA Lightrail stops. Read More

Live Music & Dancing in SV

Places in Silicon Valley where you can dance to live music. Read More

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