Low End Theory: Flying Lotus

Dibiase, 14KT, DNAE Beats

Fri May 4, 2012
1015 Folsom
10pm - 4am
Clubs, Music
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Flying Lotus
He lives in a universe where hooks and 808’s reign and survival depends on his ability to break the rules. His desire to be different has kept him alive in the game and will continue to be the driving force behind his unique beats for years to come. This alternate “Flying Lotus” universe exists solely in his mind.

LA bred Flying Lotus, born “Steven Ellison”, is not your average producer. His sound is a distinct, harmonious blend of pure, organic elements and raw, gritty beats. This unorthodox approach makes it a challenge to categorize his sound and makes it even more difficult to place it into a specific genre.

Over the next few years as the shape and face of hip-hop changes, Flying Lotus will continue to dig deep into his universe, abandon all formal production “rules” and produce unique beats for the masses. This young and driven musician could possibly be moulding the future of hip-hop, but he’s not stressin’ it. “I’m just gonna have fun doing my shit. If people dig it they dig it, if they don’t fuck it. I’m gonna do it either way.”
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Hailing from LA's very own Watts, Dibiase a.k.a Diabolic's productions run the gambit from 8 bit video game classics to seductive soul to raw grungy bangers this guy has no limitations no sample is safe.
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  1. 1015 Folsom
    1015 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA