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Diaper 101 Workshop

Cloth Diapering Made Simple

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Experience the ease of cotton diapering with modern diapering techniques and supplies, demonstrated by Parent Diapering Experts who have logged hundreds of diapering hours and are excited about passing along "tips and tricks" of the trade. During this hands-on workshop you'll learn all about cloth diapering and all that this method entails. We'll cover supplies you might need, diapering techniques and whether home washing or using a diaper service is right for you. There are many techniques, gadgets and services that make cloth diapering a very viable option for eco-conscious parents.

We'll even introduce you to our new compostable diaper service, an eco-friendly diapering option we're now providing for those times when single-use diapers are required (such as when your child is being diapered by someone else). Although they cannot be reused like cotton diapers, they are composed entirely of non-toxic ingredients so that they don't need to pollute the earth by being sent to an already over crowded landfill. Instead when we pick them up from you and take them to an industrial composting facility, they can be safely converted into non-toxic municipal solid waste (MSW) suitable for use in landscaping.

The 1-hour workshop includes a diaper cover review, networking, door prizes and more. Apply what you learn with a time of guided "hands on" practice and Q & A's. A redeemable deposit of $10 per family, for up to 2 people, is required. This class fee is redeemable towards either a boutique purchase or your diaper service account at the conclusion of the workshop. Space is limited. Please register by calling our Parent Resource Center at 408.866.2925.

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TINY TOTS Parent Resource Center
138 Railway Avenue
Campbell, CA
Event has passed



  1. TINY TOTS Parent Resource Center
    138 Railway Avenue, Campbell, CA