Dead Time Dreams

Haunted Attractions

Event has passed (Fri Sep 27, 2013 - Sat Oct 31, 2015)
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New Pre-Show Entertainment --The Midway of Terror:
No longer do you stand waiting in line, now you have a whole Midway of Terror to entertain you even before entering the two attractions. This year, the experience will be a whole detailed pre-show that gets the mood or was it blood flowing, even before you go facing the dark passageways of horrors. See the Freaks and Creatures that have never been seen before, special nightly shows that are different happenings each night, The Midway of Terror is a dark and intense experience which is better than most haunted attractions you will have ever experienced before!

Plus -- Highly Detailed "Immersive Attractions"

The Devils Sacrifice
Strange and Mysterious disappearances started occurring when the old tomb was found and opened. Towns folks claim the dead still linger and terrible acts of sacrifice happen down these long dark passageways. Many of the younger more adventurous, or more daring enter the dark tomb and once inside the walls close in as the darkness wraps around them .Then the screams start, horrible and begging for mercy, but here no one cares. Dark demonic creatures hunt for new souls to take to the master. Yes the Master is your worst nightmare, and soon you will find every story you heard about true evil will unfortunately become very REAL!

You were told never take the shortcut through the backwoods but obviously you didn't listen at that gas station...They did warn you after all. The old tales are coming true now, people in the hills are not sane, and they are twisted in mind and body. Many lose their path through this maze of terror but do you feel it? You're being watched, being followed, and being hunted! It's the radioactive water coming down in the streams from that old power plant. It's leaked and now over the years the folks living out here are more creature than human. Unfortunately for you...everything is on the menu!

...Fear is the Least of your Worries...

The attractions is located near the Eastridge Mall at the intersection of Tully and the Capitol Expressway.


Dead Time Dreams Haunted House
2501 Tully Road, San Jose, 95122
South Bay, CA
Event has passed



  1. Dead Time Dreams Haunted House
    2501 Tully Road, San Jose, 95122, South Bay, CA