Curious Quail: Live Performance and Photograpahy Installation

Wed Jun 26, 2013
City Lights Theater Company
7:30pm to 10:30pm
$12 - $14
Indie Music, Arts, Music, Theater, Theater Houses


.:Instant Gratification:. isn't just a great indie-rock record, it's Curious Quail's concept album that tells a loosely stitched tale of a man and a woman who find themselves in some sort of afterlife/limbo. As they try to figure out just how they died, they learn specifics of how they knew each other when they were still among the living. City Lights Theater Company asked Curious Quail to present the album in its entirety, accompanied by projected Polaroid images and lyrics to better focus on the story side of the album (as opposed to just having Curious Quail rock out, which they do quite well). They will play their EP The Glow in its entirety as an opener.



  1. City Lights Theater Company
    529 S 2nd St, San Jose, CA