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Celebrate Father's Day with Music for the Soul by Michael Chorvat

Helene Rothschild, psychotherapist, author, speaker & spiritual teacher, will speak on "Fathers & God"

Sun Jun 18, 2017
Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose
10:00 am - 11:15 am
Music, Rock, Family


On Sunday, June 18th, be sure to join us for a very special Father’s Day service featuring Michael Chorvat, gifted guest musician and guest speaker, Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT.

The title for Helene's talk is: "Fathers and God" 

Helene Rothschild - psychotherapist, author, speaker, and spiritual teacher - will share with you profound spiritual information which can help you understand and fulfill your divine mission as a father. She will also discuss your relationship with your dad.  The goal is to co-create with God divine love and light and experience inner peace, including with your deceased loved ones.  Join us for this unique and fun presentation.

Michael Chorvat will be serving as our guest musician.

Singer/songwriter and Reiki Master, Michael Chorvat makes music for the soul that is meant to inspire, empower and transform all who listen. Michael's own spiritual journey led him into "The Light", his debut album released in 2014. The concept album, based on the chakras of the body, tells the story of Michael's spiritual awakening with the intention to inspire others to take their own journey inward. "The Light" is filled with positive affirmations in lyrical form that leave one feeling balanced and energized from the crown chakra down.

Michael has made it his mission to use his music to feed the world and has already donated thousands of dollars from his album sales to Action Against Hunger, a top-rated global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. Beginning in February 2017, Michael has now embarked on a new project releasing one song a week for 52 weeks. This year long project dubbed "The Endless Road: A Year in the Flow" is Michael's biggest commitment to music to date. Follow Michael Chorvat and share in his year-long musical journey on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/michaelchorvat/sets/theendlessroad  

More on Michael and how to purchase his music:
•    https://www.facebook.com/michaelchorvatmusic
•    To purchase Michael’s album, “The Light” visit: https://michaelchorvat.bandcamp.com/ 

Michael's vocals, music and lyrics are truly beautiful with a great spiritual-rock influence.  His CD's will be for sale after service. Please be sure to support him through the purchase of his CD's - he has agreed to autograph them for us!

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