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4th of July Fireworks and Celebrations

The nation’s annual freedom fest is all about family, friends, food and fireworks. Read more.

Best Places to Watch the San Francisco 49ers (Other than Levi’s Stadium)

Here are some great places to grab food, a few beers and rock your Red and Gold. Read More.

The Swings: San Jose Learns an Exercise in Musical Cooperation

People who play together can now make beautiful music together. Read More.

2016 Santa Clara County Fair Goes Big

The fair has everything from food and music, to Wiener dog races and sea lions. Read More.

South First Fridays

For San Jose denizens with a taste for art and culture, the first Friday of the month is tops. Read More. 

‘Odysseo’ Traces Horse-Human History

Odysseo celebrates the special connection that horses and humans share. Read More. 

Say Kon’nichiwa to San Jose’s Japantown

The Huffington Post insists the neighborhood is a can’t-miss for visitors to the Silicon Valley. Read More. 

SJ Fairmont Creates Mini-Hotel for Bees

Something new is buzzing at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. Read More. 

San Jose Landmarks

Here are some great historical sites to visit and learn about San Jose’s remarkable past. Read More. 

Super Valley: High Tech Art

The city blazed a trail in 1881 with the gigantic, 237-foot tower. Read More

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