A Yawn Worth Yelling

Fri Apr 4, 2014
SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery
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San Jose's A Yawn Worth Yelling have always walked a line between heartfelt indie-folk and technical math-rock. However, their newest song, "Heart Struck," for which they are showcasing the video this Friday at the Art Boutiki, is almost Beach Boys-esque. It's fun, nostalgic, and at its core, a simple rock & roll tune. Then again, they've never been known to stick to any one formula, so who knows if the rest of their upcoming EP Nights Like This will be as straight-forward. But even in their midst of their most frantic prog-rock guitar licks, they have a warm, pleasant vibe. And the music is always filled with rich harmonies. Lead singer Tyler Boyd's voice is sweet and piercing, not unlike the Shins’ James Mercer. (Amulya Datla)



  1. SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery
    44 Race Street, San Jose, CA