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36 El Dorado St. - John Maloney's Fish Poultry and Game. (2)

(2) This photo is as close as I could get to Maloney's.
Leo Sullivan writes:
"Finally, came Maloney's, (later Locicero's) Fish and Game Market. All topped by the yeasty smell of San Jose's pride and joy, Old Joe's Steam Beer. This home product was brewed by Joe Scheerer at the Old Eagle Brewery on the corner where the Sainte Claire Hotel is today, and managed by the popular Toots Hartmann. Steam beer was not aged, it was "in circulation" a week or ten days after leaving the vat."

1. Phelan Building, 49/55 S. First St.
2. John Maloney's Fish Poultry and Game, 36 El Dorado St.
3. J. Delmas & Son, 38 El Dorado
4. Baltz' Bakery, 42 El Dorado
5. Achille Allogie's Cigars (and others), 41/43/45 El Dorado
6. Coles and Moak's Fancy Barber, 15/17 El Dorado
7. Lodging House, 19/21/23 El Dorado
8. Frank Schilling & Son, 27 El Dorado
9. Scandinavian Exchange Hotel, 31/33/35/37 El Dorado
10. Shorty Bruntz' Cigar Factory, 39/41 El Dorado
11. Patrick Sullivans Boots & Shoe Repair, 43 El Dorado
12. Gypsy Fortuneteller, 45 El Dorado
13. Bernhardt's Just Around the Corner Shop, 53/55 El Dorado

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