The Great Hall

Eric Carlson, circa 1998

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This is the Great Hall of the Thomas McEnery Convention Center. Halfway down the hall you will encounter a statue of a headless woman. Next to her is a statue of a woman pleading for visiter registration.

Initially there were numerous "To Library" signs leading us onward. As I continued down the hall (it is hundreds of yards long) it dawned on me that I had gone too far. At some point on my journey the signs had stopped, or I had missed a sign indicating a new direction. I retraced my steps and scrutinized the walls for clues that might put me back on scent.

In truth, I was taking secret delight at the amazing difficulty I was having finding the front door of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library.

Suddenly I came upon a sign. A tiny sign.

Upon revisiting this building, I found there are actually several large signs indicating the correct direction to the library.

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