Eric Carlson c1998

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Or, "Self Portrait of Artist in San Jose Computerized Pay-toilet."

A JCDecaux technician informed me that "Abuse Occupation" is the technical term used by JCDecaux corporation for a person remaining in the toilet beyond their allocated 20 minutes. The "Abuse Occupation" sub-routine actually commences at 18 minutes with a verbal warning to vacate the toilet within 2 minutes.

If the patron refuses to vacate, alarm sequences and mechanical counter-measures are implemented at the 20 minute mark, and are as follows: A rotating beacon deploys from the overhead and begins flashing a bright red light. An audible alarm is activated resembling a high-pitched dying Mothra. This is followed by the door automatically opening. Attempts by the abuser to force the door back to the closed position will be unsuccessful. During the alarm condition, the on-board toilet-computer relays the abuse-occupancy status to the San Francisco master-computer where JCDecaux personnel will make the determination whether to deploy field technicians or TSF (Toilet Security Forces).

Woman Tempts Fate - Is Foiled by Toilet

What if the power goes out and I am in the toilet?

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