Photograph by Eric Carlson

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Honest to God, the bright package of white gizmos is yogurt pretzels. I was mortified to learn such a thing even existed. Some of the items found in Dave's car can be found nowhere else in the world. As I took these photos, I believe I know how Darwin felt as he wandered about the Galapagos Island.

I asked Dave about the pretzels.

Eric: "Dave, what's with the yogurt pretzels? Why is there such an abomination in the first place, and , knowing of their existence, why would you purchase them?"

Dave: "I usually skip dinner and, two nights ago, I was in 'errand mode,' wanting an evening snack. Since I was in central San Jose, the only convenient source was a dusty, independent, liquor store. The snack food available was: candy, nuts, trail mix, corn/potato chips, inedibly fire-spiced jerky, and the yogurt pretzels. They are blandly sweet, crunchy, and very quickly filling to the point of gasping nausea. Those attributes qualify it as an acceptable, if not enjoyable snack."

Next to the bag of pretzels is one soccer shoe, a bag of Ritz crackers, a brown paper bag (contents unknown) and a book - The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible.

Note: I have since purchased several bags of albino pretzels. They are suffocating but irresistable. Eric

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