E. Carlson, 1998

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Depicted is the Hotel Metropole, 37 S. Market Street - unveiled in 1902. Remnants of the Juzgado may very well exist at the foundation level. The Metropole was designed by William Binder, an architect from San Francisco, who also designed the Jose Theater and the Montgomery Hotel. The Jose Theater has been spared a razing orchestrated by the forces of evil.

The Juzgado, built in 1798, was a government building that included a jail and courthouse. Capt. Thomas Fallon's men first raised the American flag here on 14 July 1846. In 1850 the Juzgado was torn down. Michael Learmonth, writing for the Metro, described it as "...the centerpiece of a dusty Mexican pueblo situated along the banks of the Guadalupe River." From "Juzgado" we derive our English slang word "Hoosegow."

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