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Joe and Hedwig Sprung, immigrants from Germany, built the Sprung Hotel in 1904. It was a large, one-story building consisting of 10 rooms, a dining room, bar and kitchen. It had one of the three wells in Drawbridge.

"Mrs. Sprung, who was quite often called "Auntie, " kept the hotel neat and clean. On many occasions she would rent out her bed and sleep in her bathtub. When prohibition came along in 1920, Mrs. Sprung turned the hotel bar into a small grocery store. She started making "home brew" and selling it for 25 cents a quart." O.L. "Montey" Dewey.

Ike Oswald, Hedwigs nephew, was willed the hotel sometime in the 1920's. In 1930 Ike boarded up the hotel, it would remain closed for good. Ike was an antique collector and his own cabin was a smorgasbord of sandwich glass, iron stone, carnival and cut glass, and furniture. Ike brought electricity to Station Island around 1931. In 1933 there were 80 subscriptions.

In 1968, the Sprung Hotel was undone by harsh winds and collapsed in a heap.


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