San Jose Earthquakes Home Game

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The San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer team is back with a brand new stadium for the 2015 Season. Located in north San Jose, the 18,000-seat Avaya Stadium is touted as one of the best MLS stadiums in the U.S. Stadium officials also say it is home to the longest bar in North America.

This could be a milestone year for the Earthquakes, which celebrate the teams 40th anniversary last year with a new club logo.

When the San Jose Major League Soccer club decided to change its name and look in 1999, it went into the past to do so. Reaching back to a previously successful soccer team in the area, the Clash became the Earthquakes. The previous incarnation of the Earthquakes played in the North American Soccer League from 1974-1984, and then in the Western Soccer Alliance from 1985-88. Those Earthquakes teams called Spartan Stadium home. The name Earthquakes originally came from a newspaper contest in the San Jose Mercury News, in which fans were encouraged to send in suggestions for the name of the soon-to-be formed San Jose franchise. The name Earthquakes was chosen by the team's management. Read More:

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Avaya Stadium
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  1. Avaya Stadium
    1123 Coleman Ave,, San Jose, CA