San Francisco Soup Company

One Market, San Francisco , CA
(415) 495-4765
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Not a restaurant per se, more a lunch counter for downtowners, San Francisco Soup Company makes a delicious chicken pot pie soup. It is thick, rich, and tastes pretty much like mom makes, although the chicken isn't perfect (what chicken ever is?) Ask for the puff pastry topping on the side, though. If you let them put the puff in the soup for you, by the time you swing your takeout up to your little roof garden perch or office cube, the puff turns into a doughy mass. Ask for extra puffs. Sometimes they charge 25 cents. Just shell it out, because you're going to want at least two or three puffs, not just the one.

- Excerpt from San Francisco Soup Company: Downtown, Fast and Tasty By Tracie Broom