5-day Intensive for Diversity Trainers, Educators and Therapists

Cross-Cultural Facilitation Techniques

Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah

Event has passed (Wed Jul 31, 2013 - Sun Aug 4, 2013)
$500 - $1500
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Cross-Cultural Facilitation Techniques: 5-day Intensive for Diversity Trainers, Educators and Therapists
Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah

Facilitating a group with many cross-cultural perspectives and experiences requires a keen understanding and knowledge of how cultural differences can impact group dynamics, relationships and their sense of safety.
In this unique training, Lee Mun Wah will guide each participant through a series of exercises and mindful techniques that will enhance their understanding of the impact of culture on relationships, conflictual cultural situations, as well as how to develop a deeper and more authentic sense of community and openness within diverse groups.
Participants will explore their perception and attitudes about diversity issues through the use of films, books, vignettes and personal stories. They will learn to:
*Listen and respond from a Buddhist & Eastern Approach
*Notice the impact and intent of all our communications and actions
*the importance of curiosity as a mediation tool
*Make use of non-verbal communications
*Use Mindful Techniques to de-escalate a conflict within minutes
*Ask 26 culturally-sensitive questions that create safety & trust

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