Gabriel Ibarra Presents

7th Annual Santa Clara Senior Center Photographic Exhibit

Our Santa Clara Lost Resources

Event has passed (Thu Nov 1, 2018 - Thu Jan 31)
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Gabriel Ibarra is displaying his latest photographs, which highlight our current status in Santa Clara of our high demolition rate of our every day necessities.
We have lost our Osh Hardware store, Summer Winds, Office Depot, Save Mart, Russel's Furniture, Mustang Ranch, Tires Unlimited, Kings Highway Motel, 5 Star Auto Repair, Moonlite Bowl to name a few.
What do we get? Basura!
High Ginormous Ugly, Unsightly, unwanted and unneeded over priced pigeon boxes.
We need to clear the over timed (4 term) and over payed politicians who flat out do not know or care what will benefit the common citizen.
As a long term resident 62 years, I know we lost a lot of historic resources, Just Start with Agnew's over 100 years + Look at what we have today; Plaques, names of streets names and not much more. Oh yes we still have our historic core because there is a fighting core to save the historic houses.
We need to stop the over build and limit population to a reasonable level. We are maxed our right now.

See the exhibit and come away with your own conclusions

Gabriel Ibarra Light Catcher Photography

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Santa Clara Senior Center
1303 Fremont Ave
Santa Clara, CA
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  1. Santa Clara Senior Center
    1303 Fremont Ave, Santa Clara, CA