Technology and Society Committee Luncheon Forum

Addressing the Housing Crisis: More than just NIMBY vs YIMBY

Tue May 8
Cafe Baklava Medeterrainian Grill
11:45am to 1:00pm
$16 - $22
Educational Organizations, Organizations, Technology


Lenny Siegel
Addressing the Housing Crisis: More than just NIMBY vs YIMBY

The shortage and cost of housing on the Peninsula has reached a crisis point; most people recognize that the tech boom in Silicon Valley contributes significantly to this lack of affordability. State Senator Scott Wiener’s unsuccessful attempt to address the crisis, SB 827, proposed to exempt certain housing projects from locally developed and adopted height limitations, densities, parking requirements, and design review standards, to significantly increase housing density near transit lines.

Lenny Siegel, currently Mayor of the City of Mountain View, has been President of the non-profit Pacific Studies Center since 1970, and has served as Executive Director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight since 1994. Mayor Siegel, founder of the Campaign for a Balanced Mountain View, was elected to the City Council in November 2014 on a promise to address the jobs/housing imbalance by allowing significant housing in Mountain View’s North Bayshore area.

Mayor Siegel will comment on why SB 827 was unsuccessful, the impact it would have had on Mountain View and other cities on the Peninsula, and offer his ideas on statewide measures that would help cities address the housing crisis.

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