Technology and Society Committee Luncheon Forum

Zooming in on How Birds Fly

Tue Aug 8
Cafe Baklava Medeterrainian Grill
11:45am to1:00pm
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Marc Deetjen

Zooming in on How Birds Fly

Marc Deetjen is a doctoral student in David Lentink???s Mechanical Engineering laboratory at Stanford University, conducting the first automated high-speed 3D recordings of birds flying, specifically Pacific parrotlets chosen for their coloration and maneuverability. Marc received his BS in Mechanical Science & Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014 and an MS in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in 2017.

Marc will describe the technology he designed to capture the motion of the bird???s wings as it flies from one perch to another, rendering 3D images at 3200 frames per second. This allows him to note the differences between bird flight and that of human designed flying objects and comment on how this understanding might be applied to improve the flight of aerial drones. As time permits, he will also talk about the benefits of working with the animals used in his research.

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