Dead Time Dreams
Runs through Nov 5
2501 Tully Rd San Jose
Dead Time Dreams is more than a haunted house—it’s a veritable hell on earth. Be brave waiting in line, as the Midway of Terror is sure to get the blood pumping. Once inside the house, enjoy two mazes: The River Styx and Dethworx. Climb aboard the Ferryman’s Boat and get to know the poor souls who are being tormented there.

Great America’s Halloween Haunt
Runs through Oct 31
Great America:4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara
Take a chance in one of the nine mazes, where you’ll contend with werewolves, cannibalistic chefs, scarecrows with machetes, an heiress who practices voodoo, demonic toys and zombies. Test human senses with mirrors, illusions and fog or try your luck in the wicked wax museum. Witness fairytales with not-so-happy endings and get to know the difference between clowns and jesters. And if that’s not enough to get your blood pressure up, strap in to one of the amusement park’s wild thrill rides.

Hallowe’en Candlelight Tours at Winchester Mystery House
Runs through Oct 31
Winchester Mystery House: 525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose
One of the world’s most famous haunted houses is right here in San Jose. Tour it on All Hallows’ Eve—exploring the spooking Victorian mansion by candlelight and imagine the torment of the woman who built the place.

Rebel Yell Haunted House
Runs through Oct 31
1577 Rebel Way, San Jose
Peruse the twisted experiments and works of Dr. Monticore Von Braun. The scientist and psychiatrist moved into Rebel Hill Funeral Home with his family. In a series of unfortunate events, his family became withdrawn, his children were electrocuted and his wife hung herself. As a scientist, he worked to create a cure to bring his family back from the dead. The house now shows the corpses, his home filled with blood, cobwebs and the graveyard where he once dug up bodies.